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About Noel Asmar
About Noel Asmar
About Noel Asmar
About Noel Asmar
About Noel Asmar
About Noel Asmar

The Company

Noel Asmar creates clever lifestyle pieces
turning the ordinary into a contemporary,
yet timeless piece of art...

Known for dressing iconic hotels & spas, Noel Asmar has successfully transformed her design company into a complete lifestyle brand. There's an intuitive function meets fashion vision that drives the soul of this brand, delivering a feel good vibe that's felt by staff and clients alike. Whether its the uniform that effortlessly moves with you through each division of a hotel, casino, resort or spa — or the thoughtful functions and details designed to work for you so that you can focus on the client's experience, Noel Asmar is there throughout it all to provide a sophisticated uniform program for your business.

Noel Asmar revolutionized the spa uniform ( in 2002 with a never before seen runway-inspired uniform that was functional and stylish and in stock with no minimums imposed. Uniforms that people love to wear, and iconic brands used to empower their teams. She has since gone on to dress all divisions of fine hotels from spa to dining, front-of-house and casino to housekeeping.

With a design philosophy of

'how is this going to make me feel better'

Noel Asmar dives into ergonomics, innovation, fabrics, design details and a clever, fresh approach to uniforms and how they impact the way people work and how they are perceived by clients.

Take advantage of a incredibly talented team of technical and fashion designers coupled with local and off shore production teams that that continually explore trends and innovations in fabrics, technology and style.

Sensual. Stylish.

Clever Living.

Noel Asmar

Noel Asmar is ...

A woman.
Driven by passion.

Her love of life is contagious,
and she excites in creating
special moments for those around her,

She is wordly, bold and fierce.
She entertains in hospitalityand style.

She is distinguished and confident.
Natural, healthy and full of life.

She is vigilant, curious,
and always observing.

She creates and designs
for the way you move.


Noel Asmar

Profit W100


Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs

Profit W100 / 2015

Presented by Chatelaine and Profit magazines, Noel Asmar was recognized among Canada’s finest female entrepreneurs for her expanding global business model in the wellness & hospitality market, pedicures and spa, equestrian sport and fashion industries.

Noel Asmar Equestrian

Beta International

Innovation Award

Best Rider Clothing

Beta International / 2011

In the brand’s inaugural year, the All Weather Rider Jacket™ by Asmar Equestrian gained recognition in Europe with the Best Rider Clothing award at BETA. The jacket features innovative details and a clever design, including an expandable gusset to protect the rider and their equipment from poor weather.

Noel Asmar Uniforms

American Spa


Professional's Choice Awards

American Spa / 2014

Known for dressing iconic spas and hotels, Noel Asmar revolutionized the wellness industry with a complete collection of men and women’s uniform apparel, and has been voted Favourite Spa Uniform Manufacturer for seven consecutive years.

Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowls

Nails Magazine

Top 5

Readers' Choice Awards

Nails Magazine / 2014

Recognized by clients as an industry leader in pedicure bowl design with the lightweight and portable resin and hammered metal bowls. These hygienic bowls offer an alternative to jetted thrones and allow business’s to inspire their clients and instantly enhance the look of a spa and the treatment experience.